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About Specialized Engagements

In addition to standard industry field examination services, R&F specializes in the following services:

  • Investment Grade/Household Name Lending – R&F is trusted by lenders to perform field examinations on borrowing base facilities in excess of $4 Billion and high-profile household names.

  • Floor Plan - Although similar to a general field examination, the lender is purchasing the inventory for the borrower and not advancing funds. Floor Plan engagements can follow many of the procedures of a regular accounts receivable and inventory engagement, with additional emphasis on the sourcing of the inventory.  This can include a more detailed review of the purchasing of inventory from approved sources and can even detail the review down to specific serial numbers. This detailed level of review is to help the lender ensure the borrower is in compliance with the proper inventory funding and also any age restrictions or limitations on the inventory.

  • Energy Service Company (ESCo) – An ESCo, also known as an energy re-marketer, is a unique potential borrower that grew from utility deregulation. R&F understands the difference between guaranteed and non-guaranteed sales as well as true-up and market pricing. These nuances can have an unintended impact on the collateral if not properly understood.

Other Types of Services include:

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Why R&F?

Our work and staff are guided by established firm principles, policies and procedures that have been built over the last 25 years, which include integrity, honesty, accountability, technical strength, and superior technology. The principles never change, the policies and procedures are continually updated based on lender requests and new technology. We are committed to providing the best overall experience for the Lender and Borrower.

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