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In many cases, a credit facility will not fall into a traditional account receivable and inventory collateral field exam, but align more with documentation and compliance review.  Many of these credit facilities involve hard money lenders and equipment leasing & financing.

While there is still ample collateral to support the credit facility and lending, the credit facility is mainly governed by a documentation and compliance review. These engagements are customized to specifically check, on a sample basis, if the borrower has obtained all of the required and necessary documentation and is in compliance with the credit facility agreements.

Equipment lease financing engagements are customized to review and confirm, on a sample basis or a predetermined listing of transactions, that all proper documentation has been obtained and included in the files, and that all cash receipts are being remitted back to the lenders, promptly.  

This can include:

  • Checking proper promissory notes or loan agreements
  • Checking credit scores and financial affidavits
  • Confirming adequate and current appraisal information and recalculating the age of notes, as it relates to the credit facility requirements
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