Why Choose Us?

R&F consistently provides our clients with a highly professional, quality product.

Quality Service

Full service from start to finish. Whether it is a standard field examination or a specialized engagement, we provide you with quality service and support throughout the process, from front end to scheduling to final delivery of the product.

Personalized Approach

Every examination and service we provide is unique to that client in order to achieve optimum results.  We will work closely with your management teams to arrive at customized solutions to meet your organization’s specific requirements and business goals.


Our team has a great depth of experience and knowledge in lender services. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, including Asset-Based Lending, Financial Control, Banking, Operations Management, Finance, Auditing, Underwriting and Public Accounting.


R&F maintains an information security policy to safeguard against unauthorized data access. We have received a satisfactory rating or better from several major banks regarding “Information Technology Security Assessments”.

Trusted Partner

We meet the security standards and qualifications and are an approved partner for many of the top lenders in the world.


Our flexibility and responsiveness is unmatched when it comes to scheduling. We operate on quick turnaround times to ensure the lender timelines are met.

We set the bar high

A good field exam should follow a set of defined policies and procedures that are successful at identifying potential risk exposures as it relates to the lending facility provided to the borrower.

R&F's respective scopes, as they exist today, are a culmination of our collective experience and partnerships. We are the lender's eyes and ears in the field and provide key information needed to make their decisions.

As a result of our specialized scopes, lenders have requested to collaborate with R&F to improve and enhance their (the lender's) own review and field exam processes.

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