R&F has invested in and maintains a strong and strict information security policy to safeguard against unauthorized data access. We have received a satisfactory rating or better from several major banks regarding “Information Technology Security Assessments”.

These safeguards are required in order to work with the global money center banks.  Additionally, we have developed a formal Security Incident Management Policy in the event of a data breach. Each R&F staff member is provided with the most current technology used to complete field examinations. Our network includes a private VPN, Microsoft 365, Teams and Sharepoint, as well as Monarch data mining tool.

Our network is protected by an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to ensure that our network is not penetrated. Safeguards are formed as a multi layered security approach that covers all physical, virtual and cloud services that we operate. The security standards are in-line with NIST and ISO standards.

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Why R&F?

Our work and staff are guided by established firm principles, policies and procedures that have been built over the last 25 years, which include integrity, honesty, accountability, technical strength, and superior technology. The principles never change, the policies and procedures are continually updated based on lender requests and new technology. We are committed to providing the best overall experience for the Lender and Borrower.

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