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Commodity Field Examinations

R&F performs field examinations on two of the largest energy traders in the USA as well as multiple smaller energy traders. Other commodities analyzed include: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, grains & legumes, sugar, coffee & chocolate.

R&F is also versed in handling exams related to quasi-commodities such as plastics and steel. In addition to general idiosyncrasies and the effect of various offsets related to these type of examinations, R&F has the skill to understand market pricing, differential pricing, forward & future contracts and how they affect the reported collateral.

R&F has experience working with companies categorized as Energy Service Company (ESCo). We understand the difference between guaranteed and non-guaranteed sales as well as true-up and market pricing. These nuances can have an unintended impact on the collateral if not properly understood in this industry.

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